Christmas Party Marathon

Hello Lead Pilates Friends!

It was great to see so many of you this weekend at the studio despite the overwhelm of things to accomplish this festive season!

Jana’s Booty Barre class on Saturday morning definitely cleared the cob webs out of my joints and brain.   I (and my freshly toned booty) are ready to take on Christmas parties #3 and #4 this weekend.  We have a total of 9 events over 2 weeks, and it will take every strategy I’ve learned over the last 16 months to stay on track during this Christmas Party Marathon.  But I’m confident – so “BRING IT ON” Christmas – you can’t derail me!

Party Tips:  #1 – Add a few additional pilates sessions (your body and your mind will thank you); #2 – stick to 2 glasses of wine and drink water or soda water with lemon (nobody will notice); #3 fill your plate with veggies/dip and salad (everyone supplies those these days); #4 pick the ONE most yummy thing on the buffet that you MUST have and enjoy a small portion slowly; #5 position yourself FAR away from the food.

Speaking of Christmas marathons, have you finished your shopping?  Check out the selection of goodies at Lead Pilates.  There is something there for everyone on your list – so you can exercise & shop all in one trip.

Enjoy the season,

Getting Fit at Lead Pilates