Circle Chair Trap

This is not some kind of cunning trap for the unwary where they go to sit down and find themselves trapped in one of the circles of hell….. or was it???? There were a couple moments where I kind of thought it was, but smiling Jenn was there to convince us (somewhat unconvincingly) that is was all good ;-).

The recharge circuit as you can probably guess was trap table, chair, and magic circle focused last night. And it was great but there were a few moments where I would have happily made my escape but my legs were caught in the circle. Sometimes it is funny how easy it is to forget how that magic circle walking can make the sides of your hips just cry like big babies – I should have stuck with ring on the inside as that was much easier for me.

And teaser? Normally I would say forget about it, but thankfully it was the trap table version which makes me feel at least semi competent at it. But my shoulders had a mind of their own during it (and during much of the class actually). I guess they will always be something I work on.

Well have a great day all you LEADers!