Lead Pilates Client Success Story: Brian Fagan

We love to hear from our clients and celebrate their success they attain at Lead. When we heard from Brian, we just had to share his inspirational story!


“I wanted to drop you a line to let you know about my success at Lead. Firstly, I laugh to myself every time someone tells me “it must be expensive to get all those classes at the Pilates Studio”? – I laugh because they have no idea the cost is less than 50% of what I used to spend on beer and wine. Giving up beer February 2015 and wine Dec 15, 2016 finally cleared my head long enough to realize, I needed help to get back into the shimage1ape the alcohol had robbed me of over all those many years.

I had a very good introduction to Lead Pilates by my Chiropractor, Dr. Rikki Mackenzie, who I had been seeing for over a year at that time. Lead also set me up with an assessment, which actually set me on my path to better health, through exercise here at Lead. Lead chose the initial programs to help me meet my early goals and Lead was right on the money with those programs.

After completing the initial programs that Lead had set for me I realized I needed more of a challenge. In February 2016 I had another assessment by Desiree, who had actually been my class instructor for most of my programs. Desiree listened intently to the new goals that I had set for myself and came up with a series of classes that would help me achieve what I was hoping for. So far so good.

Due to my work schedule I am out of town quite a bit, traveling to the mines across Western Canada. Also with the new summer schedule, a few more days (when I am available) are now inaccessible. So the best way to tackle it was head on. I now complete 4 classes on a Saturday from 8am to 12:15 and the past part of the day is the relaxing and refreshing shower to reward myself at the end of it all, each and every Saturday.

image4I love the new membership option, as when I am available throughout the week, I really like the flexibility of being able to book a class or two on line, and run in and get it done. This allows me now to gain full access to about 22 to 24 classes per month, and because it is spread out throughout the week I continue to feel great. Although I have a long way to go, you have no idea the improvement since February of 2015.

I have tried hard to dedicate myself to the Lead Pilates gym because the instructors are fabulous, kind, helpful, fit, observant and very, very knowledgeable. It is the first gym in my life that I actually enjoy attending, because there is a purpose and there is a result. There is fabulous coaching and instruction and there is a result, there is personal attention (even in large groups) and there is always a result. I was thrilled when a few of the instructors (Mel, Bree, Brittany) actually stayed with me after class to understand much better, my needs for doing this. Now that was impressive.

Eventually I shaimage2red with you and Desiree that my intention was better health in order to be a better husband as I will be going to Hong Kong for my honeymoon June 10, 2016. So after all the hard work, there was a method to my madness, a sincere motivator. But my decision for better health, flexibility and inner core strength, has also caused me to look at my life and make a lot of other changes too. The way I saw it when I finally got over my 16 year marriage to my very beautiful wife Evangeline was, I had two choices 1) drink, get depressed and fall apart, or 2) meet a great woman, get in shape and get married again. I love and respect women so much I chose the latter. What a great decision too, lucky me Mariela is also an awesome lady.

Although I am not finished yet, thank you very much, for being an integral part of my recovery. In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger – I’ll be back.

Thanks, Brian Fagan”

Thanks for the update Brian your team at Lead is proud of you!