Client Success Story: Low Pressure Fitness

When I first heard the term “Low Pressure Fitness”, I thought it was an advanced form of Kegel exercises. After hearing Inna talk at the Lead Your Best Life: Secret Workshop, I learned there was a lot more to it. Yes, it could improve my pelvic floor but it also could improve my core, my posture, cardiovascular endurance, internal organ function and potentially, make me look leaner! Read Inna’s Blog on Low Pressure Fitness.

That night I signed up, hoping for two things: 1) Improving my Pilates practice and 2) the “internal age reversal” I could get by improving my posture and getting my deep core muscles in shape.

What I love about Low Pressure Fitness (LPF) is its simplicity. Though there are many postures, these postures share similarities making the movement itself easy to remember. The challenge is in the execution. It takes a lot of mental focus and physical energy to hold the proper form. Couple that with the breathing and the vacuum maneuver, and I didn’t know what was more exhausted by the end – my lungs, my body or my brain.

About 60% of the way through my sessions, the COVID-19 pandemic forced Lead to close its facility to the public. I was disheartened with the thought that I would have to put this program on pause. By this point, I was starting to feel and notice some of the benefits of LPF. It was obvious that we were not going to be meeting back in the studio anytime soon, so Inna continued to coach me via Zoom video. It worked out awesome. I was able to progress and add in new challenges. And just because I was at home, don’t think Inna let me get sloppy. She has eyes and ears like an owl! There was no cheating!

My final assessment was on April 2, only 5 weeks after I started. I took my “after” pictures at home and sent them to Inna so that she could prepare a side by side to see if there was any improvement. My expectation of these pictures was not much. I thought there to be micro changes, maybe. The kind you really have to examine with a discerning eye and I was ok with that. By this time, my cardiovascular endurance was increased, I was standing taller, and my roll ups in Pilates mat had never felt better. Then I saw the before and after. Wow! I did not expect the visible physical results I saw in those photos. Everything I was feeling inside was showing up on my outside!

Needless to say, Lower Pressure Fitness delivers! It takes effort, time and commitment but the results are real and the method is invaluable. I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity with Inna, (even in “lockdown”). It proved to me, it is never too late to make a change for the better. As a woman who is encroaching on her forties, I have never felt better or been in better physical condition.

– Melissa

Start your Low Pressure Fitness Story.  Buy your 5-week LPF package by April 16, 2020 and get the Metta District’s Mat Foundations Course (a $47 value) included after your first session with Inna.