Coming down the home stretch …

Hello Pilates friends,

I am on the home stretch with 7 of my 9 festive season parties out of the way.  Unfortunately I got hit with the flu during Party #6 on Tuesday night, but I was back on track for #7 on Thursday night, #8 Saturday night and #9 set for Monday.  Whew!

Thank goodness I am able to indulge in a pilates binge this weekend!  We had a great time with Christine at 10:30 booty barre this morning.  Kelly was videotaping her for her certification.  She did great, and we all had a super workout.  I hope Kelly edits out our “Saturday morning hair” though!

This afternoon, I took advantage of Free Pilates Saturday with the 3:00 p.m. trapeze table class (plus I squeezed in a little Lead Pilates Christmas shopping)!  I’ll top off my Pilates binge tomorrow with Jumpboard and Essentrics, and sadly that is the end of yet another season.

As the session winds down, I’m thinking once again what an important part of my life Lead Pilates has become.  The Lead philosophy has allowed me to increase my confidence in my body and what it is able to accomplish.  I am braver, stronger, lighter and more flexible.  I am also more aware of my body, how it works, and how the parts are connected.  This knowledge is extremely empowering as it has provided me with a tool box to manage day to day aches and pains, decrease my stress, and increase my energy.

Enjoy your last few days of craziness!  Don’t forget to breathe.


Getting Fit at Lead Pilates