Commitment Issues?

The relationship I’m talking about is between you and your Pilates practice. It provides you strength, flexibility, a healthy spine and ultimately a healthier you. However, just like any relationship, to succeed you must make time for it and nurture it to be successful.
As a now Pilates Instructor, my relationship with my Pilates practice became inconsistent once I became the one at the front of the room teaching the class. I found it hard to keep a balance of part-time teaching, my full time job, and everything I like doing to keep my cup full. But, just like any relationship you have to make it a priority and do what you can to make it work.
It has just been in the past 6 months that I cut back my teaching so I could get my Pilates practice back on track. Some of you will hopefully have noticed me making an effort 🙂 I take Brittany’s Advanced Mat on Thursdays which is always a challenge. It never gets easy; but, Pilates isn’t supposed to be easy or you’re likely doing something wrong 😉 I enjoy lots of laughs and frustrations being a student again with my clients. I’m determined to succeed in rolling like a ball to squat!
Des’ Essentrics on Wednesday is my next class I’ve been making the effort to attend. After sitting at a desk all day my body craves the strength, lengthening and stretch this class provides. As much as I want to hit the couch after work, I know my body will be happier and thank me after this 50 minutes.
So, with creating this consistency to practice what I preach, I want to take this to another level. We speak alot about what you can do at home to help with your Pilates practice. And so, in the next 2 weeks I am going to commit to making time each day for this and I’ll report back on my next blog post. I have tight hip flexors, calves & hamstrings, and weak adductors just to name a few things haha.
I welcome you all to hold me to my word if you see me on campus….I like a little nudge or friendly harassment to keep me motivated 😉 I’m looking forward to seeing the changes and sharing them with you in a couple weeks!

Erin + Pilates = ❤