Daria’s Story…Continued

A couple of weeks have now passed since I broke my foot. Wow! For someone who has never been injured like this before, I must say it has been a very big learning curve. The first couple of weeks were spent learning how to maneuver on one foot using crutches or my little wheelie scooter. I’ve also had to learn how to move slowly, plan out my day so I don’t have to navigate stairs more than I need to, seek out accessible facilities and elevators and instead of stairs, ask for help, say no, and generally keep myself safe.

Unfortunately, 10 days into recovery I had a fall and landed on the broken foot. It hurt me more, both physically and emotionally, than the first fall! But I can now honestly say that I feel I am on my way to recovery.

I’m a dancer and have been doing Pilates for a couple of years, so I thought my balance was pretty good, but it’s been put to the test and I have felt shaky using the crutches and other devices to help me walk. I am so thankful that my core and upper body were so strong and that my back was in good shape before the accident because I notice my back is now starting to bother me from sitting and lying down so much and I’m having to compensate with the left side of my body.

At home, I’ve been practicing Block Therapy and stretching daily, which has helped a lot. I’ve now started back at Lead with Private Sessions with Inna and Block Therapy classes. I’m also incorporating massage and chiropractic appointments to help keep things under control.

I’ve discovered it’s when you need to rely on others more than usual, the people in your life that you love truly show you how amazing they are. My kiddos, husband, and extended family have been unbelievable in their help, presence and caregiving. My friends and business colleagues have checked in with me, offered rides, and protected me like bodyguards in crowd situations. I wouldn’t wish a situation like this on anyone but the lessons I have learned from breaking my foot have been both humbling and touching. I am truly grateful for all of the support I am receiving.

– Daria