Daria’s Story…Part 3

This phase of recovery from my broken foot has been about patience and balance and has happily brought me back to Lead.

One of the things I have been most surprised at is how long the swelling and bruising in my foot has lasted, and that it has been so painful to touch for so many weeks. My doctor recently shared with me that bones in a foot take a long time to heal but that I’m making good progress.

I’ve been rediscovering my balance as I get used to various mobility devices. I ditched my crutches right away in exchange for a scooter and an iWalk (basically a peg leg that sadly doesn’t come with a parrot or an eye patch). The scooter is great for big spaces, and the iWalk gets me up and down stairs and around my house safely. Both of them look fairly ridiculous, but I’d be in trouble without them so I’m not complaining!

I was so excited to return to Lead for Block Therapy and Private Sessions with Inna. We woke up muscles that hadn’t been used in a while. I was surprised at how much work we could do with simple adaptations for my injury. We also discovered that I’d completely forgotten to breathe over the weeks I was away! I’d been using my Block Buddy at home, but without the diaphragmatic breathing, I definitely wasn’t getting the highest benefit out of the work I was doing. Between my classes, the homework Inna sent home with me, my chiropractic and massage treatments, I have been feeling great!

Soooo happy to return home to Lead ☺

– Daria

Trapeze Table
Daria in her Private Session with Inna