Daria’s Story…Part 4

Hey – I’m walkin’ here!

At long last, I am walking again after breaking my foot earlier this fall. I was discouraged by my six-week x-ray, as the bone didn’t appear to have healed that much from when I first broke it.  Injuries in the feet tend to take a long time to heal because they are extremities and as such receive less blood flow. However, the doctor said that as soon as I was feeling less pain, I could start reintroducing weight on my foot.  The healing will accelerate by walking on it because circulation would improve. I was surprised (and encouraged) to hear that it’s possible to even walk on a foot with a broken bone.

With that reassurance, I booked a physiotherapy appointment at Lead for later that week and felt I was ready to reintroduce weight-bearing activities a bit at a time.  At first, I had pins and needles pain in the bottom of my foot, but realized it was from the nerves being reawakened and not a warning sign to stay off the foot. It was so exciting to start walking with the help of crutches and my big fancy boot. The next day I tried driving for the first time and found that I could do so with no problem.  That moment was a bit emotional for me because I felt like I had been given back my freedom!

Physiotherapy Appoitnment

Within five days, I felt like I could walk with only one crutch, and quickly realized I could drop both crutches and walk with just the boot. Yay! No more contraptions!  In the week following, I intermittently took off the boot and gained muscle tone back.

I’m now walking full-time without the boot. You may have seen me around Lead, happily returning to normal classes with only small modifications.  Private and group Pilates classes are helping me to get back into shape after being immobile for so many weeks. I still experience back pain but can feel improvements every week. It’s great to be back in classes!

Overall this injury has been a forced slowdown, but I see the positive side of it –  the way my family, friends, and colleagues stepped up and helped me in so many ways, the quality time I spent at home with my kiddos when we normally would have been running in all directions, and the reminders while at hospital appointments to be thankful that this is a simple injury that will heal and not a life-changing diagnosis.

Thank you for following my story and for all of the support and encouragement along the way!

– Daria