Daria’s Story

So, I broke my foot.  I’ve never broken a bone before, so this promises to be a new exciting adventure 😉

It happened when I was hosting some girlfriends for supper.  I went downstairs, missed the bottom step, landed, and heard a crack.  For an instant, I went to reach for my “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” alert button then realized, I’m not a senior citizen and this is not the 80s.  So, I called up to my friends for help. Thankfully, one of my guests happened to be an emergency medical nurse and got things under control right away with some calming words, ibuprofen, and an ice pack.  Good thing she was there to reassure me because my other friend just kept staring at my foot and saying, “that just looks awful!” Less calming, but still supportive in her own way 🙂

A trip to the hospital and an x-ray revealed a nice clean break of the 5th metatarsal on my right foot.  The doctor said that the break was the best possible kind and it should heal well.  He put me in a boot and said I needed to avoid putting any weight on it for 4-6 weeks. I would also be checked on by an orthopedic surgeon.

Once all of this all sunk in, my first thought was “oh crap – I can’t drive!”  My second thought was “oh crap! I can’t go to Pilates!” Not driving impacts my work and family. Not going to Pilates makes me feel rickety and out of sorts.

I texted Jana right away to tell her what happened (but mostly to complain and feel sorry for myself). She was instantly devising a plan to get me started on some Block Therapy to start the healing process.  It means so much to have a team behind me that is going to work with me until I reach 100% recovery!

I don’t know what to expect over my next 4 – 6 weeks, but having a plan and support from Lead is making the journey ahead less daunting.

– Daria