Darn it Huskies

I am blaming the Huskies. Carly had to go and work with them after TRX class today. I am convinced that put her into an extra hard work frame of mind – because that is what we did today in TRX. I found the bit of a “circuit” she had us doing was so hard. We definitely did some really long sets of stuff – several of which made me feel that I would like to cry like a baby. Even now my shoulders are feeling a bit like I am overworking them to simply type.

It is funny but thinking on it I think we basically did most of the same exercises we regularly do. But something about the slightly longer sets and maybe the change up of the order of things just made it all seem just a little bit harder. Not that it isn’t always a workout because it definitely is.

Ouch, my tricep is telling me I am done typing. Hope the rest of you are enjoying some great end of session workouts!