Decisions, Decisions!

Greetings Pilates Friends!

I love the thrill of planning for a new season of anything … winter boot season (new boots!), Christmas season (get out those decorations!), January semester (is everything set?!)  …. and of course the Pilates Winter Session 2015!  I love pouring over the offerings and narrowing down my choices.

I am so excited to see Advanced Core Align on the schedule.  Now that I’m over the fear factor of not hanging on to the ladder or the straps, kicking up the challenge in this class just makes it even more interesting.  I still enjoy the “foot massage”,  but I am also becoming addicted to being pushed ever so gently out of my comfort zone on a weekly basis.  This will be my “regular” class.

Because I’m still a huge fan of variety, and I love all of the other classes equally (and for different reasons), I think I will go with a flexible session pack or two.  That way I don’t really have to make a decision (and I can have it ALL)!

Good luck with your January 2015 Lead Pilates Sessions planning!

Getting Fit at Lead Pilates