Designing Your Perfect Morning Routine

As we head into a new year, it is more important than ever to spend some time creating a thoughtful, purposeful, and impactful start to your day.

Jana’s new podcast covers some sweet and simple strategies to take control over your morning routine. These little changes that make a big difference in the day only take a few minutes to prep and cost nothing, but allow you to conquer the morning chaos. Jana walks you through her daily grind and morning rituals and shows you how to implement the TLC necessary for any mom boss to succeed. By bringing focus and honour into your morning routine, you will notice positive changes in your home and work life and can live each day with more intention, gratitude, and joy. 

Think back to this morning. How did it go? What did you do to make sure that you got everybody out the door at the right time? What did you do to make sure you were starting on the right note? How did you feel? 

Jana argues that the way we start our mornings can dictate the way we move through our day. The more ‘noise’ we let into our morning, the more chaotic we allow our day to be. And although we can’t control everything that happens throughout the day, at least we can control how we react to it.

Jana’s first secret to a great morning routine starts the night before with a quick and simple evening routine. It only takes a few extra minutes before bed to make our morning run smoothly. Jana suggests organizing what you need for breakfast, like pulling out the blender for your morning smoothie, or setting out your daily supplements, to save the stress where you can and be prepared for whatever comes at you. 

The next tip to start your day successfully is, you guessed it, hydration. Jana starts every morning with a full water bottle that she finishes before leaving her bedroom. This activates our hydration at a cellular level and cues our thirst mechanism to keep us sipping all day long.

The next strategy to bring intention and honour into your morning is to acknowledge the transitions. Whether it’s the moment the kids head out the door in the morning, or the moment you walk from the parking lot into the office, it’s important to acknowledge these times in our day when we are transitioning and our brain is switching gears. Our mindset in these moments of transition creates the clarity that we need to be at our best. Instead of rushing through them, take a second to acknowledge them and look with gratitude and mindfulness at all that the day offers. At the end of our day, instead of the nervous system being ramped up with the day’s craziness,  acknowledging what you’ve done for your family, community, and workplace.

Another strategy to keep calm in the chaos of the morning is to try a morning meditation. Jana likes to ask herself “who needs me to be at my best today?” and verbalize the name. to start the day with intention 

Do you need accountability to stay on track with your morning ritual? Share your routine with a friend or family member. Want to tackle it on your own? Try out a consistent morning routine for a week and see if your family, friends, and coworkers notice how amazing you are. And trust us, you are amazing. 

Listen to this episode of Just Jana here, or wherever you listen to your podcasts.