Diary of an Olympian – Day 1

I awake, the warm sunlight of the morning tickling my slowly opening eyes…. oh wait, that must be a future dream of a summer olympics. I awake, the cool blackness of the northern winter morning giving me plenty of time to adjust.

I reach out to my left, there sits my half litre water bottle, which I drain in one go – morning drink of water setting me on the path to my water star of the day. Just minutes later and I am dancing out a warm up for my day, Bruno Mars Locked Out of Heaven is the dancing choice this morning. That is the way to wake yourself up!

Just into the next song on the playlist and I have my magic circle in hand – what in the BLUE blazes am I thinking – then I remember, Go Blue or Go Home. So I get into that circle, get in releve and off I go out around the kitchen, thinking tall and moving with purpose. Purpose or not, the return 1 minute trip feels one heck of a lot longer than that. But I am victorious in getting a star in place for the day! More water helps.

Seeing it is a bit more than a minute left in the song I back it up just enough so that I have time to get into plank position and the end of the song will signal my minute. Thinking long I reach out through my heels and think of length, and am happy when I hear the end of the song so I can rest. Now I am up to 2 super Blue awesomeness stars!

Well, not having time to do a whole bunch more I decide to do some fascia – the always lovely, and for me ooooh so necessary psoas release. Reminding myself steadily to melt over the spiky BLUE ball I have to remember not to clench muscles and disturb the release process. But I allow a good sized time to help out my generally overworked psoas. On the way to another star!

Well breakfast is mostly yellow pepper cooked with an egg. Delicious and sticks with me very well until lunch time. Always great combo of protein and veggies – 1 serving towards another star. Oh and I made a point of doing my posture work while standing at the stove – 1/3 of another star.

Toothbrush in hand I am back to releve. I am not sure that this challenge will be good for my dental hygiene – brushing your teeth like that makes it hard to maintain balance!

Off to work where I get out the pinky ball while I stand at my desk for the start of the morning. Rolling out my feet to get in some more fascia release and earn that star. And they need it, especially the left one. A few times during my standing part of the day I think about posture and improve it a bit at least for a few seconds. I also make sure to get in the rest of my required water during the work day so I don’t have to drink it all late at night.

Later at lunch time I do my second posture exercise – the shoulders are really the hardest part for me, amazing how much work it feels like to get them back and down out of their forward rounded behaviour. Lunch features another serving of veggies (more peppers, with onions and mushrooms and some snap peas). Closer and closer to more stars! During the course

Then on my walk to the bus from work I see someone running along, clearly in a hurry. He is a good half a block or more ahead when I see him drop something and keep going. I pick up my pace and get to the dropped item – a scarf. I pick it up and hurry up more but am not eager to run on the ice patch that is that sidewalk. But I hope for the best as he is stopped waiting for the crosswalk (and anyone who ever walks across College at Cumberland knows how long that light takes). But luck isn’t with me – I am still too far away when the light changes and he crosses. I start to think the battle is lost and wonder what to do with the scarf. He is already across Campus drive by the time I get to the light and have to stand there and wait. That is when I see he has turned around and is heading back – I wave the scarf in the air and he waves back to me. After the long wait for the light change I return the scarf to the young man who is late for work. So I feel like even if it wasn’t at the studio and even if it doesn’t get a star it sure felt like a great random act of kindness to me!

Back home and supper features only about 1.5 servings of vegetables (sprouts and lettuce) – and one more glass of water to wash it down. Not sure how I will get in my last veggie serving yet, but the yellow pepper is looking like a likely candidate. I also took a minute to do my posture exercise wrapping up the 3 for the day for another star! I am also doing a little bit of pinky ball glute release as I write this to finish earning my fascia star for the day.

Toothbrushing will commence soon and it will be on those tippy toes – although I admit I could choose standing on one foot since I would find that easier – but easy isn’t the Olympic challenge is it?

And I will have no trouble going to bed early tonight so that should be two sleepy stars for taking care of my bedtime and not sitting up half the night playing computer games. In fact as soon as I post this the tv and computer screens will both be off to cut down on the type of light that interferes with getting to sleep. But before I go to bed, I am going to take the magic circle and just stretch out the hamstrings really well.

Wow just looking at how the stars work that is 13 stars (and one day of fascia and stretching towards the total). Not bad for someone who had a bad dream that she wouldn’t even manage the water challenge on the first day! Go BLUE!!!!