Diary of an Olympian – Days 2 and 3

Sadly for team BLUE, day 2 saw a bit of a downturn in star production :(. The final chapters of a really good book won over the sleep challenge, the posture challenge, and I am sad to report even the second half of the balance challenge. But the good news is that despite that drop in production there were still positive results for this team BLUE member in the veggie moguls, the circle slalom, ski jump prep plank, and the hydration (okay fill in appropriate winter olympics term here since I can’t think of one that goes well). The second day fascia and stretching routines were also a success.

I can tell you that in particular the circle and the plank were hard for this day 2 athlete, as they came right after a Chrissy TRX class that left this BLUE with a few sore bits.

Day 3 – back to it. Starting off with hydration – kind of a snap with the fancy blue water jugs! Kicked it off right and hit the target by 2 pm with ease. And not forgetting our dental care, the morning toesies for teethies challenge went off without a hitch (well unless you count the wobbling as a hitch ;). Breakfast, included veggies and eggs again, this time including a veggie I had never cooked with before (a tomatillo). But sadly my camera was NOT up to the challenge and seems to be incapable of capturing this excellent feat of culinary daring (not actually very daring at all).

Off to the studio on day 3. Start things out with the full way around circle walk (sadly and happily accompanied by a team BLACK opponent). Seeing a BLUE team mate entering and ready to try a circle walk, for the very first time. I took up the challenge and did another half circuit to encourage and demonstrate (sadly and happily AGAIN accompanied by the same team BLACK opponent).

R&R class easily fulfilled my stretch and fascia requirement for the day. And dang but it just feels good (afterwards it feels good, during not so much). Seeing the Brittany was teaching the following class I decided to stay for it (since there are almost no instructors I haven’t been in a class with, and for that matter none of the classes I haven’t done). But it has been a long time since I did a mat class so that was actually really great to be in a beginner one again. Amazing how much I would need to work back up to do a full repertoire again! So that was good for a shake it up star, and I ended the class by cleaning up someone else’s mat – so another good deed star.

Now I am about to tuck into some veggie soup as a late lunch and get myself that one. Hopefully if later today the camera decides to behave I will cook up some okra for supper so I can get those big facebook challenge points.

Happy olympic efforts to all of team BLUE (and the other teams as well, I guess).