Don’t you love surprises?

I, for one, love surprises!  Even those surprises being given out by our “oh so generous” instructors in class this week.  Just today Jana gave us the surprise gift of 25 push-ups to end our class.  Wasn’t that awesome of her?!

I am very much looking forward to the upcoming Surprise Sunday (November 23).  Have you signed up yet? Don’t forget – just click the link on the website to register.  I’m pumped to have a chance to interact with the staff, try on the new fashion, and maybe do some Christmas (or personal!) shopping.

Speaking of surprises, I must confess I’m just a little bit nervous about my big reveal.  My changes have happened so gradually over the last year.  Many people (even my family) don’t remember what I looked like a year ago.  Its not as if I will be walking into the studio after a year away and saying “Wow – look at me”.  It will be just the same old me that many of you see at least a few times a week.

Jana is suggesting that I reflect on how far I’ve come.  That is a great idea, and as I begin that process I am feeling such a sense of pride and accomplishment.   I’m also working on gathering up some concrete evidence of my success.  I’m booking a follow up fitness assessment with Carly in December.  It will be so much fun to add up all of the inches lost, pounds dropped, and fitness/strength gained.  My big hope is that, on paper,  I’ve moved from the health danger zone, into a more acceptable state of overall health!

See you soon!

Getting Fit at Lead Pilates