Elaine’s Story

My Lead Story begins about 1 ½ years ago when a friend of mine told me about Lead and asked me to go with her to a Bodhi Class. She explained to me what the class was about and it really got my attention. So, on a Wednesday after work, I went to my first class and was completely in love with it right away. Initially, I did only Bodhi classes, then after a couple months I was starting to feel great and was signing up for all the other classes. I knew this was what I needed to keep healthy and to keep off the 40 lbs I lost 2 years ago and was now struggling to keep off.

In my first few classes, I just chuckled to myself when Jana said we were going to do a 1 minute plank or when Desiree said to touch my toes in a roll down. Now, I am so happy to report that even at my age I can do a minute plank and even have done a 1 ½ min plank. I’m even so much more flexible than I have ever been. And I have never felt so good! I have learned that you can change your body and what it can do at any age.

I can’t say enough about Lead and would recommend it to everyone. The staff at Lead are amazing and are always there to answer your questions and make sure you are doing the exercises correctly. I have asked numerous friends to come with me and all of them have enjoyed the classes. Now, most of my friends who I brought to Lead are regulars and it is so fun to work out together.

I have had the opportunity to live all over Canada as my husband was in the military and Lead to is the best facility I have ever been to. I know it is important for me to keep healthy if I am hoping to keep snowboarding into my 70s with my kids and grandchildren. I’m confident that if you’re looking for me in 20 years, you will still find me at Lead.

– Elaine