S is for Sizzle – pretty sure that is the sound I was making as my body burned off what felt like a billion calories in advanced equipment on Monday

S is for Self-correcting of my assumptions that I was pretty good on the equipment LOL I realize I definitely have a fair bit to learn yet!

S is for SNAKE and SNAKE is for:
    Knowledge and
This was such a hard one. It really does require a lot of effort but it also requires knowledge and by that I mean knowing what your body can do, and knowing how the reformer works and feels (so I guess at least I have a decent amount of that going for me), without those this would probably feel very scary.

S is for Smile, the smile of doom. Jenn of the infectious smile, but you always have to feel just a little Scared when you see that look of glee on her face because you know you are in for some borderline Sadistic workout time.

Guess it is a good thing I didn’t do this one with the letter F 😉