Experience Winter!

When I knew I was going to move to Canada in 2018, my first thought was, “How can I survive the Canadian winter?” This would be a big challenge for a lady who came from a tropical country (Brazil) and especially from an area (northeast) where the lowest temperature in the Winter is… plus 22°C!

Since I arrived here in May 2018, I started to prepare my mind for the end of the world – mainly because the weather was topic number 1 of everyone here. And somehow, I think they were trying to alert me and help me to prepare for what was about to come in few months. I confess that some moments I thought to myself, “Is this for real? Can we really get -40°C?” Well, the beautiful summer has passed and I enjoyed it as best as I could, then our lovely Fall came and went fast, and suddenly November arrived and Winter was here. At that time, I had already bought a super warm coat, nice boots, a tuque, mittens – everything I would need.

Having to wake up when it was still dark outside and seeing days turning to night so quickly wasn’t enjoyable. But you know what? I could not change what Mother Nature had to offer me. I could not turn back, so why not face it and embrace it instead? So, that was exactly what I did. I looked like those kids who were enjoying their first Winter ever! I took lots of pics, tried different sports, travelled, went for walks and enjoyed even simple things like the beautiful sunny days and blue skies.

Yes, people said it was one of the worst Winters we had in years, but sincerely, it was not too bad! A lesson that I took from my first Canadian Winter is: if you cannot change the things that are out of your control, create a way to face it in the best way possible. Everything has two sides; focus on the positive one! I’m sure your life will be lighter, and your heart will be filled with peace.

But now you might be thinking, “Are you really ready to face your second winter?” You may say I’m crazy, but my answer is, “I can’t wait to wear my parka, try the winter sports I liked most and enjoy the beauty of Saskatoon’s sunny days!”

– Inna