Fascia is Fascinating!

Your whole body is connected by fascia! It keeps our tissues, organs and bones stable, supported, and protected. It is a sheath-like connective tissue that wraps around everything (bone, muscle, organs) in our bodies. It also runs in a series of lines from your feet all the way up to your head. This makes it the most abundant tissue in the body! Fascia is also rich in sensory receptors, which is why it responds very well to pressure (aka massage therapy, Block Therapy, etc.). Isn’t fascia FASCINATING?!?

Fascia needs to be flexible and elastic so that we can move our bodies easily and so our organs can function properly. However, due to the constant pull of gravity, sitting for long periods of time, dehydration, and a lack of deep diaphragmatic breath fascia becomes stiff and ‘stuck’. Excess collagen and calcium can also build up in our body’s tissues.  All of this ends up restricting our flexibility, muscle engagement and circulation. We end up with pain, fatigue, illness and premature aging.


But don’t fear, our team of fascia nerds are here to help!

REED PALMER, Fascial Stretch Specialist:
Fascial Stretch Therapy utilizes a concept called ‘don’t chase the pain’. This means that pain or tension you experience may be coming from somewhere else down your fascial line. With proper assessment, Reed can show you how to get to the root cause of pain and provide homework to maintain results.

With RAPID-NFR, Amanda applies pressure into connective tissues (fascia!) with manual techniques and then guides you through movement patterns to resolve pain and improve range of motion. This technique reduces tissue tension and brings blood flow into the area, allowing the tissue to return to a state of health.

Carly has two really cool techniques to treat fascial restrictions. Advanced cupping uses silicone cups that create suction to lift the skin and fascia off of the restricted structures underneath it (whether it is muscle or bone) so the tissue has room to move.  Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) uses a stainless-steel tool with a beveled edge to massage the muscle or tendon tissue to remove restrictions.

MICHELLE FORAND, Certified Instructor:
Using a variety of positions, Michelle’s Block Therapy classes target all the different areas of the body from head to toe to release fascia. Block Therapy combines deep diaphragmatic breath with the pressure of the block to create heat. This releases fascial restrictions, increases circulation and your body gets rid of more wastes and toxins allowing your body to enter a state of natural healing.