Finding your “magical formula”

In my opinion losing weight is more than about focusing on “calories in and calories out”.  It is about understanding more about the Who? What? When? Where? Why?   of your eating and exercise patterns.  By keeping a food and exercise diary over many months I have uncovered my destructive patterns, and I have been able to systematically address them one by one.    The brutal truth, once it is there in plain sight, is hard to ignore.  The following WAS my reality:

Who?  My reality:  I ate more and made poorer food and exercise choices with certain people than I did with others.  My solution:  To be very aware of this reality, and make daily conscious choices to either limit my time with these individuals or make better individual decisions when I am with them.

What?  My reality:  I loved processed foods, refined carbohydrates, and sugar.  I’m still drawn to these foods and I have a true emotional attachment to them.  My solution:  This is a whole separate blog, but the short of it is that I went through a process to understand how my body reacted to certain foods and came to a very clear understanding that limiting the amount of these types of food in my diet gave me boundless energy and melted pounds off my body.

When?  My reality:  I ate great during the day … but consumed the majority of my calories in the evening after supper, or socializing on the weekend with friends.   I am active, but tended to let my exercise routine be the first thing that was cancelled.  My solution: Kitchen closed after supper, limit unhealthy snack options in the house, distract myself with a bath or evening exercise class, consume protein shake before socializing, and prioritize exercise on my calendar.

Where?  On my couch in front of the TV, or mindlessly with friends around someone’s kitchen table with a glass of wine.  My solution:  David’s tea with TV, soda water with lime instead of wine (at least some of the time), veggies and hummus.

Why?   I eat because I LOVE food, and it interestingly I’ve found out it is how I de-stress.   My solution:  Finding recipes for healthy foods I like, introducing new healthy foods that I really like, and finding new ways to de-stress like Pilates.



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