First Timin’ the Core Fusion

Even after all my time coming to Lead it was nice to have a “first time” feeling again. This was my first time trying out the Core Fusion class. And I was surrounded by other first time folks. I have to say that maybe I shouldn’t have tried it out. It is already pretty hard deciding which of the many classes I enjoy that I will somehow fit into my schedule, now I have to add one more into that mix – to make it even harder to decide.

I will say I had one thing going for me that most of the other first timers didn’t, I know the magic circle. Sadly, knowing it doesn’t make it any less of a torture device, perhaps it just makes it worse ;). I know that that inside voice was calling it evil as we used it for some standing leg work especially. Oh those poor new people, introduced to the joys of the circle the hard way – because it was used for every body part, feet, ankles, legs (all parts), abs, arms (all parts) – you name it the circle worked it.

As for the arms I realize I am cheating my left arm out of its rightful amount of work. I know I must be just ever so slightly cheating my shoulder forward and it just destroys the work. If you want to get a sense of it. Do the behind the back magic circle presses sometime. Experiment by letting your shoulders roll forward a bit and you won’t get any triceps – keep the shoulders back and down and your triceps will be crying for mercy. So on my list of things to do, work on my shoulder form for tricep work on the left arm!

Also on my list of things to do, forgive the instructors for regularly making me want to cry as they turn me into an out of breath ball of sweat, and then thank them for doing such a wonderful job! Thanks to all of you!