Lead Fitness Classes

Located in the Sutherland Industrial Area of Saskatoon and serving all communities around the area, we offer the widest range and variety of fitness classes, Pilates classes, and therapies to help you take your wellness to a new level.


Clients often start their wellness journey with our fitness classes, which is a great way to begin! We offer groups classes, personalized training, and customized programs for every level. Our schedule is designed to provide variety in both class types and flexibility throughout the day to accommodate different fitness levels.

Use the schedule to identify the classes that look like a good fit for you or those that have been recommended for your fitness program. Unsure what a class will be like? Just click on ‘view details’ to read more about what to expect and information about the instructor. Please note that some classes require prerequisites. Contact us for more information.

We exist to educate, inspire, and move you to become an even better version of yourself. With our integrated health and wellness approach, we aim to offer everything you need, at one convenient location, and support you with the most experienced, professional, and knowledgeable staff around!

Lead fitness is unique in the entire province of Saskatchewan because of our approach to personalized health integration.

We are advocates for our clients’ wellness, working with many health and fitness professionals to define effective and beneficial plans. Because we offer many therapies in-house, including fitness classes, massage therapy, chiropractic care, and more, our programs are convenient to realize long-term results.

As you consider your wellness plan, you can count on our team to work with you in every area to identify existing gaps between movement and therapy, risk areas and prevention programs, and ways to safely challenge your body and improve your self-esteem.

If you’re at all unsure, call us at (306) 382-7447 or stop by our Saskatoon studio to learn more! To encourage a commitment to consistent practice, our pricing packages are flexible and let you decide how best to manage your life to fit in fitness classes in Saskatoon!

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