Get ready to take your wellness to the next level with our Body Audit experience! Information is power and when you have a customized report with the fine details of your body and your posture, a specific plan to change your situation can be developed. This is the Body Audit.

Why invest in the Body Audit?

Research from Harvard Medical School reported that posture and the health of your body have a direct relationship. Therefore, if we improve our posture, we improve our health.

What is the Body Audit?

The Body Audit is a two part process, an initial appointment and a follow up 90 days later. The concept is simple, in your initial 50-minute appointment, you meet with your Body Auditor who is a certified Pilates Instructor who also happens to be an expert in movement and posture. She will gather info about you and your health history. She will take 4 pictures of you (front view, right and left side views and back view) and upload them into our super cool software.

Within seconds you will have a customized report that compares your current state posture to the ‘plumb line’ otherwise known as optimal posture.

Your report will identify the asymmetries that your body has adapted to because of old sports injuries, having babies, working at a desk for decades, manual labour, motor vehicle accidents, the list goes on and on.

Now that you have this specific info we will help to interpret the info from your report and show what 4-6 simple movements, stretches, release work strategies will start to help you pivot your situation. These customized exercises chosen JUST FOR YOU are known as your Movement Prescription. This is your homework per se. We upload this to your account at Lead and you have access to this so you can commit to make these simple shifts. Your Body Auditor will also recommend a class and treatment plan if appropriate, this becomes your personalized Wellness Framework.

So basically, we do all the hard work for you, we figure out the plan and you execute it!

We also follow up with you at the one month and 2 month marks to ensure you are on track and then you come back in to meet with your Body Auditor at the end of month 3 and we see where you are at!


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The complete Body Audit experience includes both your Initial Appointment and your Follow Up Appointment 90 days later, your Movement Prescription and your Wellness Framework.

Body Audit Price
General $129.00
Member Perk Pricing $99.00


To learn more about our Body Audit read Dr. Willow ND’s story or contact us today!