Block Therapy: Mini Intensive

Image of Block Therapy: Mini Intensive

Define Yourself Series

Block Therapy is a great tool to help us sculpt and strengthen the muscles of our bodies! Come learn how Block Therapy can help you release fascia, increase blood flow, and improve the health of your joints so that you can take control of strengthening and defining your Abs, Shoulders and Arms, Glutes and Legs.

May 21 – Define Your Legs and Calves
Shorts season is around the corner! In this class we will work down the whole leg releasing the fascial restrictions that cause poor muscle tone, varicose veins and the appearance of cellulite. We will work to untwist the tissue of the upper thigh, release those tight calves, and use isometric exercises to strengthen and define our legs. This class is also perfect for hip and knee issues.

Align Yourself Series

Proper alignment is critical for our bodies to function optimally. Block Therapy allows us to work towards creating space, which in turn promotes proper alignment of our bodies. In each of these 75-minute classes we work through positions to correct your alignment, release compression, increase your range of motion and reduce your pain.

May 28 – Head and Neck Alignment

Many of us spend a great deal of the day looking down at our computer, cellphone, or otherwise doing tasks where our head will tilt forward off of its ideal alignment.  In this class we will work to release the fascial restrictions that create compression through our joints, nerves and circulation of the head and neck.

June 4 – Shoulder Alignment

Our shoulders are meant to move freely in all directions – up, down, forward and backward.  But over time fascia tends to bind our shoulders into a forward rounded position causing us to lose our shoulder range of motion and experience arthritic changes in our joints. This class is specially designed to bring back alignment to your shoulder girdle.

June 11 – Elbow, Wrist and Hand Alignment

We spend too many hours each day working at computers, texting and doing tasks with our arms and hands which can cause repetitive overuse injuries. We will work on the fascial restrictions that bind our tissues causing various disorders through the elbows and wrists, with the goals of improving function of your elbows, wrists and hands and relieving your pain.

June 18 – Ribcage & Spinal Alignment

Over time, mainly due to gravity and sitting a great deal, we tend to collapse in downward forward spiralling direction through the ribcage.  We eventually develop poor postural habits to compensate and fascia will lock us into this collapsed position which results in pain, disease and premature aging.  Working through the ribcage will create space for your tissues and organs and realign your posture to help you stand taller.

June 25 – Pelvis & Hip Alignment

Over time, as our ribcage and spine collapse forward, our hips and pelvis are pulled out of their ideal alignment.  Releasing these fascial restrictions can reduce hip issues, nerve impingements and improve circulatory issues through the pelvis and legs.

July 2 – Knee & Foot Alignment

With each passing year, our upper body collapses forward and our pelvis is pulled out of its correct alignment. Fascial restrictions result in pressure through the joints of our knees and feet, and cause compression of our blood and energy flow. Releasing these restrictions will bring blood flow back to your tissues to make your knees and feet feel renewed.