Block Therapy: Mini Intensive

Image of Block Therapy: Mini Intensive

Metabolism Series

August 20 – September 24

Metabolism is the production of energy from the food and drink that we take into our body. Over time it can seem no matter what we do our metabolism slows down. Our waistline may start to thicken and we find that a few extra pounds creep on. But we don’t want to give up!

Why?? Because Block Therapy is a very powerful tool for waking up our metabolism. Essentially, as we use the Block, we are working to create space in our tissues. When our cells have lots of space, circulation of oxygen and nutrients to our trillions of cells increases. When we access deep diaphragmatic breath, we make sure that our body has lots of oxygen to keep this process flowing efficiently.

In this new 6-week Mini Intensive series, you will work to improve your metabolism by creating space in our cells, turning on your inner furnace by using deep diaphragmatic breath, and increasing your circulation throughout your body. We will explore what metabolism is and the power we have to make sure our metabolism stays working efficiently for years to come.