Block Therapy

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In our 75 minute Block Therapy class, you will attain better health by increasing the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the entire body and by accelerating your healing from chronic pain to acute injuries. Block Therapy empowers you by putting the power of healing into your hands and makes a life without pain a reality.  Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy is an incredibly efficient way to find the restrictions in the tissue causing aging – and to reverse aging by melting through those restrictions.  Each week our instructors will lead you through one of three classes – The Core, The Pelvis & Legs or the Head, Neck & Shoulders. Wood is used as the therapeutic tool because, unlike artificial materials like foam or plastic, it shares similar density to bone. With gravity and body weight, the Block Buddy is able to sink deeply into the tissue, all the way to the bone. This pressure brings increased blood and oxygen into the area, thereby warming the connective tissue and “melting” the powerful seal between layers that creates unhealthy restrictions. You will be taught to use diaphragmatic breathing to bring into the body up to 600% more oxygen. This combination of increased oxygen, proper posture and alignment, and the freeing of adhesions form the basis of a healthier you!  This class is not for clients who have advanced stages of osteoporosis, rods in their spine, surgical mesh or who are pregnant.


Date Class
Mar 28 Neck & Shoulders
Mar 30 Pelvis & Legs
Mar 31 Mini Intensive
Apr 2 Neck & Shoulders
Apr 4 Core
Apr 6 Neck & Shoulders
Apr 7 Mini Intensive
Apr 9 Core
Apr 13 Core
Apr 14 Mini Intensive
Apr 16 Pelvis & Legs
Apr 18 Neck & Shoulders
Apr 20 Pelvis & Legs
Apr 21 Mini Intensive
Apr 23 Neck & Shoulders
Apr 25 Core
Apr 27 Neck & Shoulders
Apr 28 Mini Intensive
Apr 30 Core