Group Equipment Mix

Image of Group Equipment Mix

In this 50-minute class you will be led through a series of movements to get you warmed up.  Next is where the ‘Mix’ comes in…..half of the class will make their way over to the Reformer Jumpboards for a 20 minute interval extravaganza, while the other half of the class will be led through a series of intervals using other Pilates machines and props.  After 20 minutes the groups switch to complete their total body, Pilates-based workout. This class has it all: core strength, flexibility, toning, and your heart will get pumping.

This class is not appropriate for someone who is pregnant, has osteoporosis, disc issues or low back dysfunction (if you fall into one of these 4 categories, be sure to check out our Group Equipment Foundations class – this would be perfect for you!).