Mat Foundations

Image of Mat Foundations

Pilates is all about ‘changing the body from the inside out’. If you have always wanted to try a Pilates Mat class but could not commit to our weekly requirement, our Pilates Foundations class would be great for you. This class is also for those Pilates aficionados who would like to refine their fundamentals in order to execute their more advanced work better.

Focusing on Joe Pilates’ concept that the “health of the spine dictates the health of the body”, the Pilates fundamental mat exercises are the focus of this class. Bring freedom to a spine that has been unhealthy, bring posture to a skeleton that has been compromised from years of sitting or old injuries that were never properly healed. Your biomechanics will change by what you learn in this class and all of your activities of daily living will be executed with more ease and efficiency, leaving you full of energy, with less pain, improving your quality of life while gaining a solid understanding of Pilates and its amazing benefits.