Mommy & Me

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Mommy and Me Pilates class is specially designed for new moms and their babies (from birth to walking). As new moms ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to fit exercise and socializing into our schedules while still taking care of all the baby’s needs. Our Mommy and Me Pilates class is the perfect answer! This class will help new mothers rejuvenate and tone their post pregnancy bodies, bond with their babes, and meet other new moms too! Classes teach Pilates exercises that will gently restore core strength, pelvic floor, and postural alignment. We will work on the mats with various pilates props, including the Magic Circle, foam rollers, and therabands. Exercises are safe for moms with diastatis recti & c-section delivery. Moms must be at least 6 weeks post-partum and cleared by their doctor to resume physical activity to join class.