Pilates Block

Image of Pilates Block
What happens when you combine the deep fascia release of a Block Therapy class with the yummy movement of the Pilates mat work??? You get our new amazing Pilates Block class!!! From the first time you attend this 50 minute class, you will feel an incredible shift in your body as you deepen the fascial release of the Block with Pilates movements.
Pilates Block is for everyone. You will get stronger, your muscles and joint range of motion will improve. If you are a seasoned Blocker, the Pilates movements will assist you to get into a deeper fascial release. If you are looking to get stronger from your Pilates practice, adding the challenge of moving on the Block is definitely where you want to be, your body will start to look longer and leaner. If you are new to Block, new to Pilates or new to both, the benefits of this class will leave you moving more freely, stronger and more able to get the most out of all your activities of daily living!