Pilates Circuit Mix

Image of Pilates Circuit Mix

Welcome to your Pilates Playground! Our Pilates Circuit Mix class promises to give your body a head to toe workout as you move through a series of ‘stations’ (either in studio or from the comfort of your own home). You will need to have a collection of Pilates props in your at-home Pilates studio in order to take full advantage of this 50-minute experience (if you are joining us in studio, we’ve got you covered!). A magic circle, theraband, pinky ball, Cooch Ball, 36″ foam roller, and triad ball will be required so that you can work though the fun, challenging Pilates Circuit that our instructors dream up each week! Tone, strengthen and improve your flexibility all at the same time. This class has a quicker pace and would not be suitable for a body with balance issues, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, disc issues or osteoarthritis.