Pilates Intensity Interval Training

Image of Pilates Intensity Interval Training

Join us for a 50-minute movement experience that will knock your socks off (literally because all of our classes are done in bare feet – HA!). We took the trendy HIIT classes taking the fitness world by storm and put our own spin on it and added Pilates based movements and fun props like the MOTR, Arc, and Orbit! Your body will love the challenges of an interval based in-studio class that will make you sweat, challenge your core, uplevel your strength and we will be sure to sprinkle in a bit of fun each class!! Get ready to keep your body guessing week after week as it gets stronger, leaner, and overflows with energy! This class has a quicker pace and would not be suitable for a body with balance issues, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, disc issues or osteoarthritis. This class is taught in studio only.