Sam’s Journey: Focusing on Breath in Mat Foundations paired with Massage, Chiro, Essentrics & our new Aging Backwards class

Take a glimpse inside Sam’s 6th week of recovery – congratulations on all of the hard work, Sam!

March 28- Mat Foundations

What an awesome class. Brittany does an amazing job at coaching you to work on your breath. In through the nose and out through the mouth. Once you’ve mastered that- each position becomes a little easier. Some of the postures we were working on you really need to focus to get the full benefit. We did the toe sitting posture again, this was painful, but I think I made progress from the first time. My goal is to be able to hold for at LEAST 1 minute- you should comfortably hold that position for 3 minutes or longer.I will need to practice at home. Brittany hold this position with ease, its very impressive. Even going through a few postures, I feel taller today, the knowledge I am gaining from this class really has helped in my day to day activities. I’m feeling good!
March 29- Massage with Suzanne
I have been experiencing some headaches and mentioned that to Suzanne. She worked strictly on my neck for 30 minutes, which I swear instantly relieved my headache I had going into the appointment. She is away for 2 weeks. So I will have a break and see how I do. I might have to get in with another therapist if I’m feeling sore. I will see Suzanne again near end of April for a final follow up!!2016-04-04 08.52.27_resized
March 30- Essentrics
Kelly taught this class. She very sweet and soft spoken, but she is a killer in the studio. If you want a good work out, shes your gal!  All I have to say is side leg series, ouch. I really enjoy Essentrics because you are constantly moving and stretching every part of the body.
March 31- Aging Backwards
Sabrina taught this class, we worked on pretty much everything. Legs, abs, arms.
This is why this class is fun, cause you really are getting a full body work out. At the end of class we always stretch it out. I always feel great after this class!
April 1- Chiropractic Treatment
I saw Dr. Mackenzie, it had been almost 2 weeks. We worked on neck and back. I had also asked if she could take a look at my jaw. I made note that I was experiencing some headaches earlier in the week. Those headaches may have been coming from some jaw discomfort I was having. I was told to continue with stretches and a massage would do you good! 🙂 We are going to wait another 2 weeks and see how I do.