Fractured Plans

Hello Pilates friends,

Turns out my little sprain is actually a fractured ankle.  Ouch!

I am now cast/booted and under instructions to undertake no weight-bearing activity for a week or two.  Our wise Lead Pilates guru, Jana, put it into perspective for me: “Now you are are on your way to healing and it is very important to stay focused on your eating”.

So after a huge plate of fries (kidding!) I decided to make the best of a discouraging situation. I’ve been faithfully tracking all of my food intake on Weight-Watchers On-line. It is a great tool for those of you who are trying to figure out where you are going wrong (or right).  I’ve discovered 1 major habit of mine that is a “no-no”:   I tend to eat most of my calories late in the day.  And through measuring more carefully, I have also discovered I have been over-estimating my portions (by about 1/4).  Interestingly, with careful tracking, and a few adjustments, the weight continues to move downward …

Will keep you posted,

Getting Fit at Lead Pilates