Get Healthy Group

So, looking back and reading my last post I think the message might have been a little lost in all my rambling!

Is anyone out there interested in getting together to have a discussion/support group for getting/staying healthy? We could talk about food choices, we could talk about fitness/activity choices. Share ideas, share victories and difficulties. Maybe do some fun challenges together. Basically it would be whatever we want it to be – whatever works for those of us who get together.

Jana has agreed that we could meet at least for the first time at the studio. Once I know if anyone is interested I will check with her on some dates/times that wouldn’t interfere with whatever else is going on at the studio.

If you are interested, you could give your name/contact info to the wonderful ladies at Lead and I will get in touch once there is a date set.

I know I could use this kind of a support group and I sure hope there are others out there who might like this as well!