Getting PINK at Lead Pilates


Time to “Pink” your favourite Instructor or Lead Staff member in the name of Breast Cancer!
This is our 4th Pink Pilates Party – we’ve changed things up a bit this year (traditionally we have an event on a Saturday – but wanted to have fundraising continuously going on since it is so hard to get people out to another event). So – from now until Friday, Oct 18 – we are raising money in support of the C95 Radio Marathon for breast cancer research. How can you participate?

1. Name the Lead Pilates Baby – raffle $10 per ballot –you guess 5 of the 13 babies correctly and be entered to win a Pilates Prize Pack.

2. PinkyBall/Pink ToeSox guess the number – guess the number of pinky balls and sox and win your very own pinky ball and pink pair of toe sox.

3. Pink your instructor – this has been very popular in the past (I will text you a pic of the ‘pinks’ – which are like dares) – we will take pics and videos and post on Facebook and Instagram this week of the girls completing their ‘pinks’. There is a dollar value attached to each level of pinks – the more you donate the more challenging the pinks become! You can pink your instructor anonymously or full disclosure!

Here’s all of the info that you need:
We are raising money to present to C95 on October 18 and what better way than a little payback for those ‘favourite’ exercises.

Listed below are a few choices you can use to “Pink” your Lead Staff member with the price beside.  To Pink your Lead Staff member simply choose an option from the list below, choose the Staff member you would like to ‘Pink’ and donate the corresponding price.  All proceeds will go to Breast Cancer Research.  To up the ante we are giving the staff a VETO option – the staff member can buy back the Pink by matching the donation price!  Just in case you would rather give them your own personal favorite exercise we are including a WILD CARD…where you can make up the ‘Pink’ (see donation price below).

The Pinks will run from October 4-17.  You can purchase a Heart from the front desk and write in your own personal message along with the “Pink” you bought.  Once a Pink has been completed it will have a star placed on the heart.  Now proof you might be asking…well to provide proof, as this is going to be continuous, there will either be a photo or video of the Pink being completed posted on the Lead Pilates and Wellness Facebook page!  Be sure to follow us on Facebook so you can watch all the fun!

Now here are the Pinks!
For $25.00 choose one of the following options
  • Side Lying Leg Series
  • Essentric Arms – 2 song tracks
  • 5 minutes per leg – Single leg squats on TRX
  • Wear ALL pink for a day
For $50.00 choose one of the following options
  • Magic Circle Walking – 2 times around the Mat Studio
  • Full Mat Repetoire
  • 5 sets of Pilates push ups
  • Jumpboard – 15 mins
  • Speed Skaters on the Core Align – 5 mins/leg
For $75.00 choose one of the following options
  • Full Reformer Repetoire
  • 45 Minute Booty Barre Work-out – can include a few of your “favorite” moves
For $100.00 choose one of the following options
  • Wild Card (make up your own pink! *must be an exercise from the studio)