The Good Hurt

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been obsessed with watching the crazy YouTube videos about a contraption called the Fascia Blaster for a long time now. I eventually broke down and ordered one, then ran to the mailbox like a kid on Christmas when it was delivered. I love the breaking up all that fascial tissue, but let’s face it – that method is pretty aggressive and that woman’s videos kind of scare the bejesus out of me. Yet… I am still drawn like a moth to the flame. For those of you unfamiliar with this thing, you can easily google it and get sucked into the vortex of social media posts. It’s kind of like a car crash… you know something is wrong, but you can’t look away.

Let me go back to the beginning for anyone who doesn’t know what fascia is. I could go into a bunch of science-y sounding stuff, but I’ll explain in a nutshell for us normal folk. Fascia is essentially like a big web of tissue that runs through our whole body that holds everything in place. When fascia gets are tight and gimpy, things like muscles, fat, and joints start to feel trapped and our bodies aren’t as mobile and fabulous as they could be.

So while technically you COULD go to town and aggressively chomp away at your fascia with crazy contraptions, a WAY better option is to see an RMT who specializes in Myofascial Release.

Myofascial Release??  What is that, and how to I find such a person??

Never fear, I’ve got you covered.

At Lead Integrated Health Therapies works a fabulous gem named Rachel Harrison. She specializes in Myofascial Release. Rather than torturing and bruising yourself to the point of your husband gasping when you get out of the hot tub due to your Fascia Blasting routine (hypothetically of course…), Rachel will put the good hurt in you by slowly performing very intentional fascial releases that are properly evaluated for YOUR body.

Keep in mind, most of us have a higher working of knowledge of one thing or another because of our professions and really have no business screwing around with something we don’t understand. I’m not going to randomly start fixing my own plumbing, because my toilet will likely be messed up and all my pipes would burst. Right? So, rather than going to town on your own connective tissue like some sort of wild animal, why not avoid the potential for your pipes bursting and consult a professional?

At the end of the day, Rachel specializes in this stuff; she is professionally trained and can educate you about the things that you don’t know, helping you to understand what the deal is with your bod and how she is gonna help it. Sometimes where your pain is located requires treatment elsewhere to address the root cause. Plus, she’s a good time and let’s you swear at her when the good hurt isn’t so good for a minute or two. You will laugh with her a lot, but also want to punch her in the face a little bit. #sorrynotsorry

My chest, arms, and shoulder blades are a HOT MESS because I sit hunched over all day. Between seeing Rachel consistently and regular Pilates classes, I find myself walking taller, sitting up straighter, pulling my shoulders back without thinking, and feeling less like The Hunchback of Notre Dame on the regular.

When I asked Rachel the #1 thing she wants people to know about Myofascial Release, she said:

“What I really want people to know is just how connected your body really is. During a Myofascial Release treatment we have to look at your body as a whole. The fascial tissue is continuous from head to toe, so the pain you feel in one area is more often than not caused by some dysfunction somewhere else. That’s part of what I love about my job, it’s like a treasure hunt! People are always amazed when they come in with pain and we can work to correct it by releasing tissue somewhere else. Keeps every day and every treatment exciting!”

While Rachel has a pretty full clientele, she does see new peeps – but be warned, book in advance. She is popular for a reason! Don’t forget that if you have massage benefits, you are covered for this service and Lead offers direct billing to your insurance company – HUZZAH!

Get your butt (that is likely wrought with tight fascia) in to see Rachel and let her put the good hurt in you!

E- Meet Rachel here and book your Myofascial Release session now:

P.S. I offered to lend Rachel my Fascia Blaster. She politely declined. Ha.