Hip and Pelvic Issues? Maybe Chinese Medicine Can Help

In Chinese medicine the complete physiological and psychological individual is gathered to look at a “pattern of disharmony” and looks at “What is the relationship between X and Y?”  Chinese medical theory recognizes a number of important organs which work in unison with each other. For clarity, the organs can be presented in the order of the Five Elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood).

The Fire Element governs intimacy in our lives, intimacy with others and within us. This comes down to fears in our life – what do you not want people to see? The Heart can keep this in balance only by accepting self in the current moment.

The organs of the Fire element (and the muscles they govern) are:

Pericardium (ambassador for the Heart, involved in the expression of joy from the Heart as well as protecting the Heart).  The Pericardium Meridian governs the muscles of the pelvis and groin. The Pericardium Meridian can get caught up in over protection and ends up locking pain in and doesn’t allow joy in. Piriformis: deals with circulation, sex and heart protection; stabilizes the pelvis and sacrum; when it malfunctions and twists or tilts in the pelvis, this can put whole spine out; sciatica can be structurally or emotionally based; this muscle is the master controller of lymph in abdominal cavity; tightness is often related to a lot of anger to do with relationships. Adductors: deal with Heart protection, sex, and circulation; weight gain in this area is the body’s way to protect itself (a sexual protection).  Gluteal: deal with circulation and sex; heart protector (no love – don’t touch).

The Small Intestine receives food and drink, generates discernment, and assimilates useful knowledge to advise and protect the Heart.  The Small intestine receives knowledge from the world and must separate the clear from the turbid.  If there is a lack of clarity in processing in the Small Intestine, then patterns of negativity are store and can lead to bloating, pressure and pain in the abdomen. Small Intestine governs the abdominal muscles and quadriceps. Quadriceps: deal with Small Intestine meridian and intellect; quads will fade as our intellect fades; poor intellect choices (being upset with yourself) means you are more likely to injure this muscle.

The Heart which commands the Qi and controls the tongue (speech and laughter). The Heart controls the subscapularis.

Triple Heater (is the coordinator of various activities of the body mind such as regulating boundaries with the world, and regulating water in the body).  Triple Heater controls the Sartorius, gastrocnemius, and soleus. Gastrocnemius and soleus: deal with heart protection and can be affected by control issues.

No single part can be understood except with its relation to the whole.