Hot Pilates to Sweat Away the Winter Blues

Okay, we choose to live in Saskatchewan and every year we talk about making it through the winters because of the amazing summers we have, and I do agree. However, the turn in temps this week and the drastic cold piercing wind make me wonder. So, if you need a little help making it though the next few weeks, we have the perfect way for you to beat the winter blues: Hot Pilates!

Many people (maybe you included) have heard of or take Hot Yoga, but…have you ever thought about taking Hot Pilates?? At Lead, we lovingly call our Hot Pilates class ‘Burn’ because it works on so many levels. Once you try it, you’ll understand. Here’s 4 reasons why you should try Hot Pilates:

  1. Why try Burn? Our state-of-the-art infrared heating system. Now this is not any old heating system, there is nothing like this in the city. There is NO added HUMIDITY so it literally feels like the sun on your skin, just like it feels when you are at the lake in the summer. We warm our Fitness Studio to a balmy 25-degree day (so you can forget about the cold outside!).
  2. Why try Burn? Our customized class development. Our clients helped us to identify what components would make up the prefect class – here is what we heard: core strength, glute work, balance, pelvic floor activation, relaxation, and arm strengthening. Then we added a few components that we know will 100% add to the experience – Pilates spinal movements, more legs, amazing playlists and a totally awesome instructor, Desiree!
  3. Why try Burn? The heat in the room is perfect to take your body to the next level of fitness, strength and flexibility. And did I mention that it feels SO GOOD when the wind and snow are howling outside.
  4. Why try Burn? Your skin will glisten with the beads of sweat that you will earn from killing it in this class. The athletic nature of this class will challenge you and will make your body change.

Clients who have taken our Hot Pilates class feel and see changes in their body and we are bringing this class back on purpose as we get into colder weather and as the holidays approach. We know that you want a class that will help to clear your mind, make you feel invincible and be even more ready to take on the hustle and bustle that surrounds us in November and December.

Who is this class most appropriate for?? Well, you do not need Pilates experience, but if you have taken some Pilates classes before, you will be able to recognize some of the movements we will be challenging you with. We do this class in bare feet so that our 6,000 nerve endings at the bottom of each foot work to create more balance in our body. Bring a water bottle with you and maybe a hand towel to dab your brows! If you are pregnant or have disc or knee issues, this is not the best class choice for you, but we have many others that would be perfect for these bodies.

We are offering our Burn Pop-Up classes starting November 19 and they will run until December 20. Mondays from 8-8:50pm and Thursdays from 9:15-10:05am.

Click here to register for your Hot Pilates classes. If you are new to Lead and have not tried our Unlimited Plus $99 Intro Offer…now is the perfect time! Get ready for the holidays at Lead! Click here to purchase your Unlimited Plus $99 Intro Offer! Bring a friend, or a group of friends!

Happy Sweating!