How I Heal with Pilates

The other day, someone was telling me about some debilitating pain she was experiencing. I asked her if she ever tried Pilates.

Honestly…her reaction surprised me. Or should I say her non-reaction. She glazed over what I said as if I was talking about microeconomics.

I kept talking (maybe slightly annoying, I know) but the thing is, Pilates has helped me so much and I wanted her to understand that. Instead, she semi-acknowledged me and then proceeded to discuss how impossible her pain management was.

I just wanted to shout, “PILATES IS AMAZING FOR PAIN RELIEF!”

Throughout my time as the Lead Blogger, my goal has been to focus on how Pilates has strengthened my body. Today, I am going to go through all the ways Pilates has healed my body.

  • When I gave birth to my daughter, I sustained severe pelvic floor damage. One of the physicians who treated me in the hospital told me I would need to find a rehabilitation program to aid in my recovery. After some research, I turned to Lead Pilates for help. Over the following year and half, I worked with them in restoring my pelvic floor strength, endurance and health. This was accomplished through my mat practice as well as the VESy Program. Thanks to the dedication of Jana and her team of Pilates gurus, I can say with all the confidence in the world that today, I am fully healed.
  • Like many new mothers, when my baby was small, I would often experience muscle strain that wrapped around my back lower ribs. Every time I would breath, it would cause distress and no matter what I did stretch it out, I could not find relief. One day in class, I approached the instructor who introduced me to Threading the Needle. I actually think the first time executing that pose was better than the best sex I have ever had. Seriously…it was amazing. Three years later, I often use it to save myself the frustration of living with any back ailments.
  • Some times I feel as though my body’s gift to me after childbirth was tight hip flexors. They can get awfully uncomfortable when they are unhappy. My mat practice and home stretching routine really do an amazing job keeping the peace.
  • My lower back often gets tight (probably because my hip flexors are a difficult neighbour). Because of that, I am no stranger to the roll down, especially in the shower. It feels great and gives my back what it needs to lead a very productive day.
  • Last week, I felt a migraine coming on. Normally when this happens, it usually has something to do with not drinking enough water so throughout the day, I was making sure to stay hydrated. It wasn’t enough though. The following morning, I woke up in distress (if you suffer from migraines, you know what I am talking about). Instead of living through, I decided to pull out my trusty roller and give neck a little TLC. Once I did that, I gave it some time to work and before I knew it, I was pain free. It was the first time I have ever been able to derail a migraine at that stage so I was quite pleased.

One of the most common questions I am asked when someone finds out I practice Pilates is with regard to weight loss success. And though Pilates can most definitely aid in weight loss, it is a far more superior form of fitness than simply one to lose weight. Pilates is a restorative practice that strengthens the body. It relieves pain points and maximizes quality of life. That is by far better than anything most traditional programs can accomplish.