I have to buy a comb – okay not really but I do need to do push ups

Okay maybe a bit of an inside joke here since there was just Carly and me there for it. But today after TRX for the walk run group it was pouring rain so we opted for doing a bit of work inside the studio. At the end Carly was walking over to grab the spray bottle and I clearly heard her say “I have to go buy a comb”. So I launch into a story about how I have the same comb I bought back in 1987 or so. At which point she is probably thinking I am a lunatic, because what she really said was “I have to bike home”. So I felt a little silly and had a pretty good laugh at myself.

I didn’t post after my Thursday TRX class so I will mention one thing that we did, front plank (feet in straps), into a push up and then a crunch. And oh boy did that highlight how awful my push up shape is right now, I could barely do anything you would even approximate calling a push up. Carly felt like it was something she needed to work on as well – so wouldn’t you know it, that same move came out today in class as well. I did feel like I did better with it today. But it has still convinced me that my office wall is going to be seeing a lot more of me for the rest of this month.

This is my plan, maybe someone else might want to think about taking this on as a challenge too??? I am going to do wall push ups at work – I just found there is a site for getting you to 100 pushups – don’t think I am going to target that particularly, but I am going to check out their plan and scale it back by doing it on the wall. I like the idea of doing these on the wall because as I get stronger I can back my feet out a bit more for a bit more challenge. I can easily do them at work – and what a great break from the computer! Plus it is so nice to do all three styles of push ups and know I am working different muscles that will all compliment each other – and hey, I won’t mind if it helps the underarm wings firm up a bit ;-). Maybe in a few weeks when Carly says – let’s do the plank, pushup, crunch move I will be feeling like a superstar on it!