Investing in Ourselves

You think about investing in many things in your life. Your house, your car, your family, your financial security, but few feel investing in your health is as important or worth thinking about and planning for. It is!

We both had some minor health problems 4 years ago, which could have turned serious. It made us really think about how we were eating, drinking and not looking after ourselves. Along came Jana and Lead. Barb was immediately hooked, Tom took a bit longer to be convinced. We were looking forward to retirement and realized we needed to be healthy to travel the way we wanted to. Lead gave us focus and the right amount of movement variety to feel younger than our years physically and mentally.

Lead’s integrated approach to health allowed us to cover all of our bases – movement options to feel good, massage and chiro when we hurt, naturopath considerations for ongoing lifestyle maintenance and even spiritual and mental exercises to support our move to simplify our lives, minimalize our needs and appreciate life from all positions and angles.

We are half way through our first post-retirement European trip and enjoying every minute.  If you want to follow our journey, log into We have been so many places, seen and done so much.  Each day at bedtime Barb says “today was my favourite day!” and she is not kidding.

Maybe it was fate, timing or just dumb luck but Lead came around for us at just the right time. Lead is not just holistic movement, the people we work out with, our instructors, and our therapists are our team – they are behind us, rooting for us, they care and we care back. Thanks Lead, you are the smartest and the best. We miss you all and will be back working out with you early June.

The Kennedys