Jana Receives Big Honour!

Last year I was going to submit a video and throw my hat in the ring for a world wide contest called The Next Pilates Anytime Instructor put on by Pilates Anytime (an online Pilates instruction resource) and Pilates Style magazine – but I chickened out.  This year at the beginning of May, I talked to Kelly about being my client for my video submission to which she agreed.  The day before the deadline, Kel texted and asked when we were going to shoot my video – she very graciously gave me the kick in the butt that I needed and we shot the video the next day in one take and I submitted my application.
Well, 98 videos were submitted from Pilates instructors from all over the world…and I am excited to say that I made the TOP TEN!  The judges who looked at all 98 videos and then chose the top 10 really are legends in our field, and being chosen by them feels really good; but I am not stopping there!
Phase 2 (where the winner will be chosen) starts via a voting process from Aug 15-Sept 12.  Current members of Pilates Anytime can vote to pick the winner.  I seriously am going to work hard and do everything I can to win this contest!  The winner gets flown to Santa Barbara to tape 2 classes that will be part of the Pilates Anytime family, then gets flown the next day to Phoenix for the Pilates Method Alliance international conference where a 10 page spread gets shot for Pilates Style magazine. A gala is also planned in the winner’s honour, and if chosen I would get to take in the conference as well.
At Lead, the goal of our team is to help our clients expand their comfort zone, give them confidence to conquer goals in a way that is consistent and methodical. This time, my team gave this gift to me.  I love what our team, this group of amazing people, have created on the Lead Campus – and because of their support I am going through this process full steam ahead! I will keep you posted on the process and I am so grateful for this wonderful honour!
Yours in Pilates, Fitness, & Health,