Jenn’s Story

I had been following Lead on Instagram for a while, debating on trying something new. After suffering a lower back injury in the Fall, I had become pretty inactive. With every step forward to ‘help’, I ended up taking two back. Needless to say, I was super frustrated, and my mental health was suffering as well.

That’s when I saw that Jana was hosting a Lead Advise session. I decided it was time to maybe see what it was all about.

The moment Jana started talking, I knew Lead was a place for me. The knowledge she shared, from personal experience really resonated with me, as to why it would help me. Plus, there was the Unlimited Plus Intro Offer, which is a great way to try a bit of everything! So, I went home and signed up for all my classes for the month on the app, and waited for Monday. 🙂

Before Monday came, I received a welcome voicemail from the Studio! I mean, who does that anymore?? They saw that I had signed up and wanted to give me some tips on what to bring to class. To me, personal touch is everything, so this blew me away!

Flash forward two weeks. I’ve been attending two classes a day and I’m already noticing so many changes! Yes, only two weeks! I am so excited about this, as I’m not in pain doing the classes, and am able to actually look forward to each class, and go. 🙂 I’m not just feeling stronger physically, my husband also notices I’m happier, overall.

Amazing, isn’t it?! Pretty incredible what less pain can do for a person.

One of my favourite parts is the instruction. Each instructor that I have had leads the class with so much experience and knowledge. I love that when I ask a question, they really have an answer! They teach from the heart, and it shows.

Over the years, I have suffered many injuries in sports and dance, and it seems to be catching up to me. Pilates is the first program I am able to stick to-and I feel better each day doing it.

Thank you, Jana and the Lead Team, for creating such a welcoming and positive environment to come to daily. I look forward to what this year has in store for me in my journey at Lead.

See you in class!
– Jenn

P.S. Book your own Lead Advise session and see what Lead can do for you!