Jeremy’s Story

My Lead journey started almost two years ago. It didn’t start with Pilates, but with a chiropractor visit. While discussing my hip mobility with the awesomesauce Dr. Rikki, she recommended I try Block Therapy and Essentrics classes. The timing was necessary and needed. I grew up on an acreage and have been fairly active my whole life. It wasn’t until I hit my late 30s to early 40s where my body started to slow down. Daily tasks got harder, I felt sore longer, and felt older than I probably should.

So that’s what I did. My first classes were an eye-opener. I experienced pain in areas I’d never felt, pressure points I didn’t know I had–only 5 minutes in! After, I felt great, noticing an improvement. More importantly, I could see a positive path for my body and health, and not having to accept that getting older means getting old.

I used to have pain in my feet as my job requires a lot standing and moving during the day. Through my time at Lead, I’ve become more body aware and learned to stack my body weight better, and I’m happy to say I no longer have any pain in my feet. This one of the things I’ve really noticed about Pilates; it focuses on movement that can get overlooked from other disciplines, especially small movements. It truly is applicable to everyday living.

Pilates is humbling! While the movements may look easy, they absolutely are not (I’m looking at you Pilates chair lunges, mat sit-ups without any ego driven movement, Bodhi planks, and any anything Magic Circle or Barre related–I know, I could have simply said “everything”). I might as well copyright the word humble©, that way I can collect royalties every time the word gets used. I am always challenged in class and leave feeling humbled, but at the same time invigorated! It’s a testament to the awesomesauce instructors I’ve had the opportunity to train under: thanks Jana, Des, Michelle, Inna, Nicole, Janelle, Mel, and Hannah. They’re participating with you every step of the way!

Speaking of improvements, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Integrated Health Therapies side of Lead. In addition to the aforementioned chiro, I’ve also received help via physio, massage (awesomesauce Morgan), and fascial stretch (awesomesauce Reed). Each therapy helping in different aspects such as strength, breaking up scar tissue, increasing blood flow, working on my $%&# IT bands, hip flexors, and range of motion.

My Lead journey continues today and I’m enjoying it. I trust the process and those teaching it, and I don’t feel as old as when I started. I move better and feel better overall. A fitting quote I ran across the other day: “The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit”.

If you’ve never tried Pilates before, and would like body empowerment tools to better equip yourself, definitely give Lead a try. “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today!”

– Jeremy R