Jessica’s Lead Story

My first introduction to Pilates was when I was in my mid-thirties in Jana’s basement. My friends were already going and asked me to join them. I went pretty faithfully twice a week. We always went for breakfast after so it was fun and social. I immediately loved it and continued my practice at Lead’s first studio on Taylor. After two years of regular Pilates, I had experienced huge gains in my mobility, confidence and overall fitness. I had also purchased all the props I needed to practice at home too. I thought I’d be ok to keep it up on my own when life got busy and my friends and I got tied up with work and raising kids.

Then… five whole years passed before I realized that all regular exercise, other than walking the dog, had fallen off my list of “things to do.” In that moment I realized that if I didn’t start taking care of my physical fitness soon, the idea of working out would become even more daunting the older I got.

So I called Lead, talked to Trista and told her my story. I didn’t even know where to begin (again). Trista got in touch with Jana and they came up with a plan for me – 3 times per week doing mat, Block Therapy and Essentrics. At that time, I didn’t have any particular goals, I just wanted to do something for myself.

As time went on and with the more classes I tried, the more I discovered about my body and it’s limitations. I had some crooked fingers that wouldn’t straighten out, for instance. It took two years but I am happy and proud to say that those fingers are now straight.

Now, among other goals, I am working towards doing push-ups on my toes. I’ve got some pretty sore elbow joints from various injuries over the years and my shoulders were weak from years of working at a desk. So, three years ago, when I came back to Lead, that thought would never have crossed my mind. But here I am, in my mid-forties, working on push-ups.

To anyone considering getting started, I say, just go for it and keep going. Engage the help of the various therapists on the Integrated Health side too. Everyone at Lead that I have come into contact with is super positive, encouraging and helpful to me in reaching my wellness goals. I am so much happier and fitter now. I find myself feeling motivated, engaged and moving better all the time. The team at Lead has been a big part of that and I couldn’t be happier with where I am at and where I am headed!