Jodi’s Story: Alignment—Spirit/Soul/Body

Since 1999, I’ve struggled off and on with back pain, headaches, and increasing digestive issues. As I approached my 40s, I also battled excessive weight gain, hormonal fluctuations with menopause and yet through it all, a deep desire for alignment for my entire being—spirit, soul, and body.

I am a visionary person, who over the last 20 years has served in the non-profit sector. I launched two non-profits Saskatoon, including one in 2015 that addresses sex trafficking and exploitation. The effects on my body have been noticeable as I’ve spent a great majority of my time (outside of family commitments and responsibilities), in meetings, studying, attending conferences, in front of the computer, sitting way too much. Technology is a wonderful tool, but when it isolates you from being in touch with nature and yourself (i.e. not looking after your own body well), it starts to take its toll.

On top of the physical issues that come from sitting too much, there are emotional and mental hazards to the work, issues, and causes that I’ve exposed myself to. When you are in the ‘helping’ industry, you run the risk of Compassion Fatigue, Triggers, and Vicarious Trauma if you don’t exercise self-control with clear emotional, mental, physical, spiritual boundaries while helping others. As the years went by, I knew I needed to take my overall health more seriously. I needed to be more mindful of my own holistic restoration journey.

Do we see our spirit, soul, and body as 3 separate entities or do we see our health as integrated, as one?

This thought has been a reverberating phrase that I’ve been pondering this last decade when considering holistic restoration for people in general, but more pointedly for me. While at a Well Woman social event, I opened up about where I was with my health. I talked about the many frustrations I have with my back and energy issues. My friend, Leane, recommended I try Pilates at Lead. Seeing the excitement in her eyes about how Lead had made such a difference in her life was intriguing given all that she too has gone through.

This past Fall, I tried the Unlimited Plus $99 Intro Offer and went to as many classes as I could. I was blown away by how diverse Pilates-based training really is. After my intro month, I was sold. I loved the flexibility of classes at Lead, the instructors were incredible and the encouragement offered by Jana at Lead Advise was stellar. I remember shedding a few tears that day as I shared my journey and goals towards health and wellness. Her vibrant smile motivated me to truly “Love the Life I Lead”.

I turn 50 this year, and I’m pressing into 2020 with a greater sense of balance and alignment and centredness. I love how Pilates focuses on core strengthening throughout all the classes. The alignment philosophy that Pilates offers speaks to what I am personally going through in my quest for alignment with my entire self—spirit, soul, and body. Sometimes, answers to prayer come in the form of a membership at a top-notch quality Pilates studio like Lead. It’s the people that make all the difference in helping to create a loving, encouraging, and safe environment to grow and find strength at our own pace. Thanks to Jana and the Lead team, you have become a part of my journey to a greater sense of alignment!


P.S. In 2020, I became a Mettassociate with the Metta District to promote my love of Pilates. You can visit me at