Journey to Recovery – Week 3

Sam is our neighbour from Parr Autobody. If you haven’t read about Sam’s experience, here are some of her previous posts and how we at Lead are helping to get her back on track after a bad accident in Saskatoon with movement, Pilates and our Integrated Health Therapies team including chiropractic treatments with Dr. Rikki MacKenzie and one of our Registered Massage Therapists, Suzanne.

From Sam: 2016-03-07 10.19.56_resized (1)

I saw Dr. MacKenzie again. Even after a long busy day she always knows how to put a smile on one’s face. I am really starting to feel good. Little bit of pain between the shoulders but we’re working on it.

I was into see Suzanne again for a massage.   She used more pressure this time. I did notice I am still quite tender in my neck and back as she went deeper into the massage. It was a little discouraging as I was feeling so good!!!

Aging backwards with Sabrina again. She’s just awesome. The class seems to be growing each week, which is very exciting. As I continue to take this class, I am noticing more parts of my body that are not flexible and tight.  We worked on our feet for a bit, which for me I love. We over use our feet every day, and I know I don’t take care of mine like I should. This class give a nice stretch to those body parts we just don’t even think about that need care.

Every time I take a class at LEAD I learn something new about my body and how to adjust and fix!

I saw Dr. Mackenzie again. She wants to see me once a week now!! That a good sign of improvements. Yay me!

I took a Block Therapy class again. This is a peaceful and quiet class. Really allows you to focus on your breath and dig deeper into the block. Dez was the instructor she likes to turn on the heat panels. That class really can loosen a person up. We worked on our legs this class. Which is always one of my favorites as sitting all day long doesn’t give the opportunity to stretch these guys out.