Just the Highlights

Having finished up a trifecta of amazing workouts on Saturday, Sunday, and today but not having managed to get my rear in gear to write a blog post (and with my increasingly old ladyish memory really all I can get to is the highlights).

So starting with Saturday and TRX, I have to say I just really love that one where your fingers are interlaced and handles on top of your head. You then dip the outside hip out then pull back in to an oblique crunch. One of my favourite exercises since Carly one day said not to neglect the crunch at the top. Just feel like great ab work.

Sunday was a private equipment session with Jenn. I quite enjoyed having drill Sargent Jenn on the lookout to correct and/or compliment my every move. I have a hard time with the “draw the sword” type of exercise, I break my wrist with it. But we broke it down and I came up with a few things that made me identify a few ways of correcting the move – pretty much all of them mental requirements. I need to make sure not to want too big a movement and lead with my elbow not my shoulder/wrist.

Today, hard, hard work – I learned you can’t bribe an easy go of it with garden vegetables. I think the newest one I learned today was a mermaid on the trap table. It really was a neat one and quite the bit of work. Definitely noticed that the one side of me it was very different than the other side.