Karen’s Story

My Lead story begins about 7 years ago, taking random classes without knowing very much about Pilates at all. Then one day I needed help. Major help! I called Jana and I confessed that I had serious low back pain after washing my fridge. How embarrassing: I was 40-something, I considered myself in pretty good shape and I was sidelined washing the fridge.

My appointment with Jana was life changing…thank goodness! She suggested I start with Beginner Mat class to learn basic movements that would help improve my core strength and maybe get rid of the back pain altogether. She also suggested Chiropractic treatments, which I had never tried before and quite frankly scared me a little. Who knew that would be the beginning of me falling in love with Pilates and Lead and all the gang that helps me live my best life.

Over the years I’ve taken almost every class that Lead offers and seen many of the professionals at Lead Integrated Health Therapies. When I’m feeling strong I do MOTR and now am falling in love with Orbit class! When I’m feeling tender muscles or some stiffness, I do Block Therapy, Essentrics or head back to Mat class.

Then, my life took another turn about a year and a half ago when I started having serious issues with vertigo. If you’ve ever had the experience, you will know that it’s a treacherous and overwhelming condition. Once again, I turned to Jana and Lead.

What could help me? What should I do? I was craving movement, but with each movement causing dizziness, what could help me feel better? Several things helped: physiotherapy, massage therapy, Block Therapy, chiropractic treatments, and finally slowly but surely, regular Pilates classes and activity became possible.

Did Pilates cure my vertigo? Perhaps it was among the many things that led to my near complete recovery. I do know that without it I would have been floundering, not knowing where to turn next, perhaps even house-bound. Lead was my beacon of hope when I felt lost. In those darkest days, Jana checked in with me to make sure I was okay. It’s personal service like that and the supportive community at Lead that make a person feel truly cared for and I cannot thank them enough.

– Karen T